Our founder, Geoff Green, is often invited to present on high growth business strategies, building sellable business and achieving successful business exits. Here are some of his recent interviews, webinars and podcasts. 

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Business Essentials: January 2018

You've worked hard all your life to build and grow your business. Now you're ready to retire – how do you get the best price for your business? One challenge is that a business owner is often so integral to the business that it's hard to unravel that relationship at sale time.

Chris Ashmore from Business Essentials interviews Geoff Green around the difference between what makes a business valuable and what makes a business sellable. We also provide alternatives to selling for owners who want out.

Solidity Financial Podcast: January 2018

3 Things in a Great Business Exit: What does a great exit look like? How do you accomplish one? Ryan Tansom from Solidity Financial interviews Geoff Green about the different variables needed to build a sustainable business that is highly transferrable and valuable. We cover how to navigate all the variables that go into accomplishing a great exit that includes being happy in your life after business.

Dent Podcast: November 2017

In this interview Glen Carlson and Geoff Green have a conversation on how to "Finish Strong: The 5 Year Plan for Your Successful Business Exit", how business owners can build and create new value, and how to ensure your business has transferable value for new ownership with a five year plan. Additionally we cover:

  • The story of how Geoff’s first business increased its value from $140,000 to $7.75 million
  • Unpacking the ideas of building, creating and transferring value
  • Being clear on your expectations of what you want the legacy of your business to be

Built to Sell Radio: May 2017
"10 X Earnings By Future Proofing Your Buyer" - Geoff Green joins David Trewern and John Warrillow for a discussion around business exits. Melbourne-based David Trewern grew DT, a digital advertising agency, to $10 million in annual revenue before he sold it to STW Group in 2007 for almost 10 times profit after tax. Geoff Green was Trewern’s advisor through his exit and guided Trewern through his transformation from a graphic designer to the owner of a highly sought after digital agency.

The Savvy Dentist Podcast: Jan 2017
Geoff Green joins Dr. Jesse Green for a great chat around business exits especially for dentists. Even if you’re not thinking about exiting anytime soon, this episode is jam-packed with information on how to build a profitable and scalable business through exit planning. 

Flying Solo: October 2016
Geoff Green joins Robert Gerrish at Flying Solo for a great chat around business exits and solo entrepreneurs. 

Productive Insights Podcast (part 1 and 2): October 2016
Geoff Green joins Ash Roy from the Productive Insights Podcasts team and talk about sellability, business exits and why business owners need a business exit strategy. 

3AW interview with Denis Walker: March 2016
Geoff Green joins Denis Walker from 3AW and Stuart Gibson from Mills Oakley Lawyers to talk about smart business exits and the 'baby boomer exit tsunami'. (Aired 3 March 2016)

Mills Oakley Lawyers - The Business Owners Podcast: February 2016
Geoff joins hosts Martin Checketts and Ed Skilton to discuss some of the 'uncomfortable truths' which often prevent business owners achieving a successful business exit. 

The Transpharmation Show: August 2015

Geoff joins host Robert Sztar in this 'Create Your Smart Pharmacy Exit' masterclass. In this masterclass Geoff and Robert cover the unique challenges faced by baby boomer pharmacists in exiting their business.